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    DViCO's TViX R-3300 media streamer reviewed: a mixed bag, for sure

    Darren Murph

    DViCO's making the already saturated HD media streamer market that much more crowded with its TViX R-3300, but given the smaller amount of choices in the UK, we suppose we'll let it fly. The device was recently apprehended and reviewed by the critics at Pocket-lint, and unfortunately, it wasn't quite a home run. For starters, the device proved somewhat "fiddly" to use, with the well appointed remote proving difficult to learn and the user manual not really being of much assistance. Continuing on with the theme, setup was a mixed affair as well, with a particular file sharing limitation with the NetShare application really grating the nerves. Once things were finally in place, streaming quality was found to be "extremely good" and PVR functionality was top-notch. What we have here is an interesting conundrum: setup and usability weren't awesome, but performance was, which should make for an interesting battle in your mind as you attempt to decide whether to keep or part with your £180.

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