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World Tour 'Hard Rock' and 'Reggae Rock' track packs now live


While we were busy drowning ourselves in eggnog and delicious eats throughout the day yesterday, Activision was busy firing off press releases, letting us know the latest round of DLC for Guitar Hero: World Tour is available for download. Along with 3 new tracks that cost the usual 200 Wii Points, we're also given 3 new tracks absolutely free of charge. Check out the details below.

The Hard Rock Track Pack features:

  • Hinder - "Use Me" - 200 Wii Points
  • Nickelback - "Because of You" - 200 Wii Points
  • Rev Theory - "Light it Up" - 200 Wii Points
The Reggae Rock Track Pack features:
  • Pepper - "Your Face" - free
  • Slightly Stupid - "Jimi" - free
  • The Expendables - "Sacrifice" - free


[Via press release]

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