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A silent guardian, a watchful protector, 'The Dark Knight' on XBLM

If you happen to be one of three people in the world who have yet the watch "The Dark Knight," here is your chance. Microsoft has added the critically acclaimed film to its popular online movie rental service. Available in both high definition and standard definition, at 480MS and 320MS points respectively, The Dark Knight continues the story of The Batman and his quest to rid Gotham City of its seedy criminal underbelly. With the help of District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Jim Gordon, The Batman faces his greatest threat of all, a ruthless murderer known only as The Joker. Watch this one, again and again.

Update: Reader DBoyFlex also adds a few Dark Knight treats are available. Check it out for a new regular theme and some video content.

Add The Dark Knight to your Xbox 360 download queue

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