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It's-a Mario World: Our Unfulfilled Christmas List


In the days immediately following Christmas, we do several things: Sink hours into replaying timeless Mario classics (currently we're collecting Ace coins in Super Mario Advance), ponder all kinds of Mario-related things we could buy with our Christmas money and begin scrawling out a list of Mario gifts we want for next Christmas. Pretty standard, right? Problem is, there are so many wonderful Mario trinkets and toys that have been released in the last twenty years that it's hard to decide which search terms to use on eBay.

Worry not, Mario fiends! This week we present a gallery teeming with Mario stocking-stuffers old and new. Yeah, some of them were released only in Japan over ten years ago, but that doesn't mean we can't covet them greedily. Others are available on shelves at the time of writing. Either way, you're sure to be amazed at the breadth of material goods upon which Mario's trademark has been shamelessly stamped. Check out these sweet toys!
It's-a Mario World is a recurring feature in which the ubiquity of Nintendo's flagship character is celebrated. Check back each week to find out what strange and wonderful thing has us seeing power stars. * * * Link of the week: Mario vs. Master Chief!

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