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Around Azeroth: That's a wipe


In my previous life as a raider, I was a participant in some pretty spectacular wipes: unfortunate healer blow-ups on Baron Geddon, surpise unstealths in the Suppression Room, and the always popular "let me target Golemagg from the bridge" accidental auto-shot pull. I was even the cause of one once, when a warrior paid me some much-needed gold to stealth around the Rajaxx event in AQ20 to get a coffer chest. It worked until ... it didn't, which resulted in a chain of eighty or so mobs chasing us to the gates. There were no survivors.

Gustav and friends have suffered an embarrasing death here in Zul'Farrak. Not only did they die on Gahr'zilla, but their bodies have been scattered around the instance, and Gustav has landed in the sky. Think they called it after this one?

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