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Blu-ray releases on December 30th 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

It's been a weird week with the holidays so this week we have a few titles from last week mixed in with the new releases for tomorrow. While most of this week is full of catalog titles -- that are probably meant to help you use up all those gift cards you got over Christmas -- there is at least one day and date title, The Duchess. But this isn't the only title for Paramount, in fact over half the movies out this week are from said studio. This includes a few of our old favorites like Days of Thunder and The Truman Show -- and although we aren't looking forward to it, we're sure someone really wants to see Ghost. Universal continues it's trend of catchup titles on Blu-ray with the Sci-Fi cult classic Serenity. Also, Sony had the latest Resident Evil last week and finally Warner has the hilarious Wedding Crashers which will go very nicely on the shelf next to Old School from a few weeks ago.

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