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Blue Echo's hd EZ lock turns any HDMI cable into a locking one

Darren Murph

At current time, there are only a couple of locking HDMI cable options out there for those who fear that their components could let loose of the signal line at any moment. In just a fortnight, however, all that will change. The little known Blue Echo Solutions has announced that its hd EZ lock -- which coins itself as a universal adapter that converts any vanilla HDMI cable into a locking one -- will be available in early January. The device has snagged a coveted CES 2009 Innovations Honoree Award, and it holds things in place by attaching to your component's chassis using either the existing fixing screw on the device itself or via the supplied VHB adhesive. They'll be a bit expensive at $19.98 per pair, but can you really put a price on peace of mind?

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