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Gaming to Go: Space Invaders Extreme


My fingers hurt. If Space Invaders Extreme is anything, it's an absolute workout for the fingers, a test of endurance, passion, and an opportunity for developer Taito to take an old formula and crank things up to 11. Very rarely does slapping on the word 'extreme' actually mean anything, but this latest incarnation of Space Invaders is an exception to that rule, as my sore thumbs can attest.

Did you miss out on the original Space Invaders? The classic was before your time, perhaps, or deemed unworthy for whatever coins you could bleed out of your piggy bank. Dry your tears, friend! This extreme update of a retro classic is your greatest chance to find peace in these discordant times. Come along with this week's edition of Gaming to Go to see why saving quarters all those years ago might have been a good idea after all.*

*So now you can buy this, see? Not because the original was bad or ... nevermind.


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