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Indie designers: Experimental Gameplay 2009 accepting submissions


Budding indie designers with far-out ideas: Braid creator Jonathan Blow brings word via his blog that submissions for the Experimental Gameplay 2009 sessions at GDC are now being accepted. Having provided a launching pad for indie hits such as Braid, flOw, and Everyday Shooter, the Experimental Gameplay gathering is a chance for brilliant gameplay-driven concepts to get attention, in the form of 10-15 minute presentations by their creators.

Braid (shown) was first presented during the 2006 sessions, well before David Hellman provided its distinctive art style. It epitomizes one fundemental the session organizers are looking for: novel game mechanics. Others include emergent gameplay, interactive storytelling, and innovative UI. Submission guidelines are available at the Experimental Gameplay site. The deadline for entries is February 16, 2009.


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