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Luc Bernard hard at work on new WiiWare games


Even though Eternity's Child didn't release before the end of 2008 as planned, Luc Bernard has stuck his thumb into a couple of more pies. According to a post over at his blog, Luc has spilled the beans on two more projects planned for WiiWare.

These two projects will be part of a new company that Luc has found investors for that will specialize in iPhone and WiiWare development. Although the first game is without a title at the moment, we know it will be a strategy title and "similar to Advance Wars but with RPG elements" Sounds interesting.

The other game, called Rose Princess, is kind of on the backburner for now, but will be a "metroidvania style of game." Based on the concept art that Bernard has uploaded for the game, it looks like it will have some very unique and strange characters.


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