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Samsung's CES 2009 HDTV lineup leaked?

Darren Murph

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CES 2009 is literally days away, but it seems that those looking for details on any possible new HDTVs from Samsung may not have to wait to get their fill. A few postings over at AVForums has led us to believe that the outfit will be debuting a number of new sets for a litany of markets. The 2009 lineup will reportedly consist of a few new Series 3, 4, 5 and 6 panels, with the main focus being on their LED-backlit-ness. Everything should be available for purchase during the first half of next year, with sizes ranging from around 40-inches and up. Obviously, there are far too many details linked below to cover in this space, but one mention we found particularly interesting was the promised Internet@TV feature, which should effectively replace InfoLive and instead rely on those Yahoo Widgets we've been hearing about for so long. It's about to get really interesting, folks.

[Via Audioholics, thanks Celle]

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