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Wired hails Duke Nukem Forever as 2008's vaporware king, baby


Wired, embracing the redundancy of doing so, has named Duke Nukem Forever as the top piece of vaporware in 2008. As we've made abundantly clear in the past, much has happened since Nukem's latest adventure was first announced back in 1997. Wired was going to leave the perennial favorite off the list this year because "even the best jokes get old eventually," but obviously thought the DNF horse -- with a DNR order -- still had enough life left in it for one more jab.

Keeping the dream alive that DNF may be coming to the end of a very, very (x12) long development cycle was its appearance on the Jace Hall show earlier this year. However, that was followed up by more teaser images. Keep hope alive, Duke faithful. Keep hope alive.

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