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World of Warcraft's top five political contributions of 2008, Part 5


Bush dodges and blocks

This one is pretty recent and has came across the WoW Insider desk. Another creative person on the internet came up with the animated gif above of the shoe throwing incident that recently occurred.

From the looks of the image, it appears to be a shaman that threw the shoe. And Bush appears to be a level 83 boss mob. I think the Shaman's UI could be cleaned up a bit, and I'm curious as to how he threw his shoe at Bush from Durator (which you can see pictured in the minimap).

While this list isn't exhaustive of the political considerations in WoW, it is a good overview of exactly how much our political and social lives permeate into our virtual lives.

As virtual worlds like WoW and Second Life become more and more prevalent in our society we should expect to see more of this. How long will it be before democrats and republicans can walk around with tabards advertising their candidate? How long until some sort of virtual election / balloting is held that has a real world impact?

While both these events might be far off, they're not out of the realm of possibilities. The dynamics of virtual reality and reality are changing, and as we've seen above, the change has already started.

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