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CCP Games aims to extend EVE Online to iPhone and mobile phones

James Egan

Nathan 'Oveur' Richardsson, Executive Producer for CCP Games, gave a 'state of the game' address last month about EVE Online, and hinted at some of the ways he'd like to see EVE evolve. Namely, how the game might expand by leveraging the EVE API. It looks like CCP is taking the next step in making this happen, from the announcement an EVE player came across -- one that suggests mobile and iPhone applications for EVE Online may be coming.

Reykjavik University and MIT maintain cooperation through the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), which is essentially a way to tap the expertise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for specific projects. An announcement on the ILP site states that CCP Games is interested in seeing what MIT students can come up with in terms of EVE mobile and iPhone applications that make use of EVE Online's API.

Here's the gist of that announcement:

"CCP is interested in developing Mobile applications which interact with EVE through the EVE API (see We are eager to hear what ideas MIT students might come up with - here are a few ideas:

  • Personal or Corp Wallet or Transactions viewers
  • EVE Mail (not possible with the current API)
CCP is revising the EVE API in regards to what data can be accessed and manipulated. We are open to the idea of extending the API to benefit the Mobile application's need in mind."

While such mobile apps (from CCP) are still far from being a reality, it's interesting to note that this is a potential direction that the developers would like to take. In the meantime, a few enterprising players have already written their own iPhone apps, which might be of interest to EVE players who like to keep up with the game while on the go:


Mobile (non-iPhone)

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