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China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks launches three Blu-ray players

Darren Murph

Scads of individuals thought the BDA was crazy / lying / joking when it granted 11 China-based manufacturers with Blu-ray licenses earlier this year, but now we're beginning to see some fruits of that labor. China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks -- a joint venture between China Hualu Group and Panny -- has just launched a trio of BD decks in China, the BDP0801, BDP0810 and BDP0821. Not much is known about the middle child (ain't that always the case?), but the first deck is the most basic of the bunch while the latter one handles BD-Live interactivity. Apparently, all three units are available now for 1,999 yuan ($292), 2,299 yuan ($336) and 2,499 yuan ($365) in order of mention, which is probably vastly more expensive than any of you were imagining.

[Via DigiTimes]

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