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FCC filing reveals PQ / PS line of LG plasmas

Darren Murph

Here we are wondering what an otherwise unassuming HDTV is doing in the depths of the FCC, and while we're hesitant to admit it, we're cautiously optimistic that LG's forthcoming line of plasmas have at least Bluetooth tucked in. In all honesty, the set you're peering at above looks eerily similar to the BT-equipped 7000 line spotted earlier in the year, so we suppose a name change isn't entirely out of the question. Either way, LG definitely has a full range of PDPs on the way to America, with sizes ranging from 32- to 60-inches based on model name presumption. Skimming through the user guides, we didn't see any mention of integrated Bluetooth, WiFi or any other wireless technology, though we did spot a number of HDMI / USB sockets. Good thing CES is just around the corner -- the anticipation is killing us.

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