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Fragile: 30 hours long, no expense spared on development


Three senior members of the Fragile development team have chaired a panel in Japan to answer questions about the RPG.

Between them, producer Kentarou Kawashima, art director Keiko Harada, and head programmer Munehito Yasui revealed that Fragile would take a meaty 30 hours to beat, that developing the game has taken two years, and that the entire process (including advertising) will cost "quite a bit of money" (NeoGAF's translation). Apparently, they also toyed with the idea of basing the game on exploration, with no combat at all -- a daring design choice that didn't come to fruition.

The news that Namco Bandai is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this gives us real, tangible hope for a western localization. We struggle to believe any sane publisher would throw oodles of cash at a project and limit its reach by making it Japan-only. You are sane, right, Namco Bandai?


[Via NeoGAF]

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