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Ninja Blade demo online, plays nice with all systems

Remember a few days ago when we said the Ninja Blade demo would make its way to the Japanese Marketplace? We're not saying we're magic or anything but as Picard would say, "Make it so." According to Major Nelson the Japan-only demo is now available on the JXBLM. For those keen on checking out the ninja-action, comments on Major's post claim the demo is both region-free and includes English text.

Earlier in the month Japan was rewarded with an exclusive Resident Evil 5 demo that was originally region-free. Soon after realizing non-Japanese gamers had been downloading and playing the demo, new downloads of the demo outside of Japan were blocked and the online co-op was disabled. So, let's keep news about Ninja Blade on the DL okay? That means don't tell anyone you're downloading it and please do not post this information on the internet. Oh, wait. Crap.

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