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Pragmatic's HideAway amplifier brings zero-footprint audio one step closer

Steven Kim

If you've gone through the trouble and expense of putting audiophile-approved speakers in-wall, there's a good chance you're a "separates, no receivers" kind of purist. Carrying out your streamlined install to the next level will require you to put the amplifiers in wall, too, so you might be a candidate for Pragmatic's HideAway Stereo Audio Amplifier 248. Your audiophile side will like the promise of dual monoblock amplifiers in the little 2x3.5x3-inch box, but while you might typically associate monoblocks with triple-digit power, this $550, 15V-powered unit pumps out 48-Watts continuous and 60-Watts peak and Pragmatic specs flat performance from 10Hz to 50kHz. Like all things custom install, you can accessorize here -- volume controls, rack mounts and even a junction box install await your pocketbook.

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