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PS Audio debuting world's first HRx disc player at CES

Darren Murph

Oh, brother -- yet another high resolution audio format to worry over. Just when you thought you could pick up Denon's forthcoming universal Blu-ray player and be done with it comes HRx. The format, which is hyped up by Reference Recordings and is literally high-res WAV files toasted onto DVD media, cannot be played back in traditional DVD / DVD-Audio decks. Instead, you'll need PS Audio's PerfectWave Transport Memory Player. Until now, folks (all three of them) have simply been ripping the files onto PCs or music servers for playback, but the item you see above will indeed handle CDs and HRx DVDs, the latter of which delivers 24-bit, 176kHz sound. There's no mention of a price or eventual release date, but something this specialized just can't be cheap. We mean, it just can't be.

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