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Sanyo's Xacti technology tapped for Full HD VCC-HDN1 surveillance camera

Darren Murph

The unforgettable words of Rockwell have never been truer, and now, those watching you will have one more opportunity to do so in high-definition. Sanyo has just delivered its VCC-HDN1 network surveillance camera, and interestingly enough, it utilizes the same technology that's currently used in its line of Xacti HD camcorders. Predictably, the device has a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 along with a 10x optical zoom and other specifications "comparable to those of the camcorder." Sanyo's offering these up to parking garage owners, governments, spy agencies and all sorts of people with false names for upwards of $3,200 apiece. So much for that birthmark not being noticeable on CCTV, huh?

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