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AT&T hiking U-verse TV package rates for new customers... in Wisconsin, anyway

Darren Murph

Those of you who reckoned AT&T was simply "above" those ignoble price hikes that cable companies are so famous for have some reality to check. Within the last week and change, the operator has announced that it will be pushing up some U-verse TV prices in February, ditching the whole "free access to Flickr Pro" thing and now, raising rates for new subscribers in the Badger State. According to a new writeup in Madison-based The Capital Times, a company spokesman has affirmed that three of its primary TV packages (U100, U200 and U-family) will increase by $5 per month for new customers, while existing subs will narrowly escape the hike for now. The changes are set to go into effect on February 1, 2009, and of course, they come hot on the heels of Charter's decision to push prices skyward. So much for competition driving prices south, huh?

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