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GameDaily HUD Season Finale talks highs & lows of 2008

GameDaily's regular weekly op-ed feature, The HUD, usually ask a panel of ten games journalists their view on the latest news of the gaming world. This week GameDaily stepped it up with a huge season finale that included 35 panelists. From biggest surprises to disappointments, this week's GameDaily HUD includes more opinions and controversial statements than your average message board.

Regular panelists include Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Joystiq's Chris Grant, AOL GameDaily's Libe Goad and others with special guests Garnett Lee from 1UP, Ross Miller of Joystiq fame, Brad Shoemaker from GiantBomb, HUD-master herself Robin Yang from AOL GameDaily, WhatTheyPlay's John Davison and much, much more. It's a huge panel of games writers from all levels of skill and thought. The lowest level being me ... and probably Ross.

Jump in for this week's questions so you can give your answers in the comments below.

  1. Biggest Surprise of 2008
  2. Biggest Disappointment of 2008
  3. 2008 Game I'll Play in 2009
  4. 2008 in a Sentence

What are your answers?

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