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MLB Network goes live tomorrow, January 1st

Darren Murph

Good news, baseball fans -- starting at 6:00PM ET tomorrow, you'll have all the action you can handle, anytime of the year. If your provider is signed on to begin offering MLB Network, that is. Said channel is expected to begin airing in some 50 million homes tomorrow, and the League has high hopes that its 24-hour baseball channel will end up paying for itself ($50 million to launch, give or take) over time. We're hearing that deals with new carriers are being finalized "every day," with agreements already in place with DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications. As of now, the station is expected to broadcast 26 regular season matchups in 2009, and it's hoping to acquire even more tilts after current TV contracts expire in 2013. For a look at the studios in which you'll be peering at in a matter of hours, check the read link for galleries.

[Via Reuters]

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