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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending December 21st, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Our friends over at Home Media Magazine like to enjoy some time off during the holidays, so once again the Nielsen VideoScan numbers are a little later than we'd like. But late is better than never and the third week of December was pretty good to Blu-ray. Sure it was down over 23 percent from the week The Dark Night was released, but at $46 Million the Blu disc still managed to rake in more revenue then it used to during an entire month not that long ago, and about twice as much as it did the week Iron Man was released. The latest in the Mummy franchise did pretty well its first week out, all things considered, but it was no match for The Dark Knight's sophomore week, which outsold it by over three to one. Mamma Mia was the only other new release that week that manged to even come close, which kinda bucks the PS3 demographic theory. The Blu-ray share chart is once again useless this week, as we wish HMM would filter it down to only show Blu-ray titles that were released day-and-date with DVD. Looking forward there No way Blu-ray can keep up these numbers though, because at this point just about everyone must already own a copy of TDK, but it will be interesting to follow the revenues post Christmas to see if all those Blu-ray players that flew off the shelf have the affect that Hollywood is hoping for.

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