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Sonoro Eklipse iPod / CD sound system hits the FCC


Sonoro's Eklipse iPod / CD sound system has been available in Europe for a few months now, but it hasn't exactly made much of a ripple 'round these parts. That looks like it could well be changing, however, as the device has just recently landed in the hands of the folks at the FCC, who unsurprisingly seem to be particularly interested in the system's remote control. As for the rest of the system, you can expect to get an always welcome OLED display, along with 7.5W of power output, a headset jack, a standard 3.5mm input to accomodate your non-iPod devices, and support for MP3 and WMA-loaded CDs in addition to plain old audio CDs. Of course, an FCC appearance doesn't always assure a US release, but if there is one, you can probably expect to pay about the same €499 (or $690) that it currently demands in Europe.

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