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The Joystiq Network (except us) picks its GOTYs

Ross Miller

While we at Joystiq like to be fashionably on time with our Game of the Year picks, our network of sites has already named some winners, and in case you've missed them:
  • PS3 Fanboy Awards, now with one PSP category! More importantly, though, we've learned the staff is very good at making PSP and PS3 predictions.
  • The Nintendo Fanboys couldn't play favorites, so they just chose their ten favorites for both Wii and DS and decided to put them in no certain order.
  • The crew at X3F couldn't come to a consensus, either, so they did individual picks (Richard, Xav, Dustin) in addition to letting the readers choose for themselves.
  • On the PC side of things, here's BigDownload and Massively's picks for the best of ought-eight.
... Oh, you want to see our GOTYs? Sorry, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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