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WoW Moviewatch: Go Turbo Go


You may remember when Irdeen was first reported on WoW Moviewatch about five months ago, featured with his opening machinima The Little Gnome. As feel good and uplifting as that piece was, Irdeen's back for this holiday season with Go Turbo Go. I think it is just as endearing as the first.

The story is about the same main character from "The Little Gnome." Notably, Irdeen created the soundtrack, in its entirety, for this piece. That's a pretty nice factiod, since I found the audio to be appropriate and satisfying. Irdeen relates on Myndflame that this was his first effort at creating music, so the results are even that more impressive. Also, the pet skunk seems to be showing up a lot this year, which is interesting from a meta-analysis standpoint. Kind of makes me wonder what next years machinima star is going to be -- so far, it's the skunk this year.

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