PS3 Game of the Year, as chosen by other media outlets

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Andrew Yoon
January 2, 2009 10:51 AM
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PS3 Game of the Year, as chosen by other media outlets

Choosing a GOTY in 2008 was far more difficult than in 2007. Why? The number of great games on PS3 exploded in 2008. However, the writers and readers of PS3 Fanboy both agreed on one game: Metal Gear Solid 4. It was a tough vote, with LittleBigPlanet creeping in right behind it.

Last year, critics were pretty much unanimous about one choice: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. However, the diversity of PS3's lineup this year shows how even the critics are varied in their choice for PS3 GOTY. Here are what some other outlets chose:
  • GamePro chose LittleBigPlanet as PS3 and overall GOTY. "Despite the deluge of ultra-violent shooters, our favorite game this year was the user-fueled platforming fun of LittleBigPlanet."
  • GameTrailers chose Grand Theft Auto 4 as PS3 and overall GOTY. "The game manages to create characters and situations that make you genuinely care."
  • GameSpot chose Metal Gear Solid 4 as PS3 and overall GOTY. "It's surprisingly easy to pick up and, at the risk of sounding cliche, it's almost impossible to put down even after you've beaten it."
  • GameSpy chose LittleBigPlanet (but chose Fallout 3 as its overall GOTY). "There's nothing like this game anywhere else, and that's the beauty of LittleBigPlanet."
  • IGN chose Metal Gear Solid 4. "Metal Gear Solid managed to tie almost every plot point together, piled on the cinematic flair and played more accessibly than any previous game in the series"
  • Joystiq chose Metal Gear Solid 4 as their top PS3 game of the year. "MGS4 experiments with previously unknown possibilities of the medium (you know, it's "innovative"), while sticking to some established conventions."
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