Star Trek Online timeline advances to stardate 2384

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In recent memory the Cryptic crew has given us a lot of Star Trek Online goodness to chew on. There was the unveil of the NX-91001, an advanced exploration craft in the Federation fleet. There was the tour of the studio, you might remember, or even the news that the game might be coming to the PlayStation 3. One of their other recent features was entitled 'The Road to 2409', and began the process of moving prospective players through the future history of the Star Trek universe. The time after the show Deep Space Nine and the movie Nemesis is completely untouched by official media, so we as Trek fans need all the help we can acclimating to that big jump in time.

Their newest feature brings us to the year 2384, a stardate still bearing many familiar faces and names for long-time Trek fans. The bulk of the article concerns upheaval in the Romulan Empire, with political changes still echoing through that body in the wake of the final Next Generation movie. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, the Klingon Empire faces new threats from an old border. Old familiar names from DS9 (Odo, the planet Bajor) are mentioned in passing, and the Federation as always is involved throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Read the full article for details and to make the timeline jump to the year 2384!%Gallery-28615%
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