Final Fantasy XI throws a bovine bonanza for the Year of the Ox

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|01.05.09

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Final Fantasy XI throws a bovine bonanza for the Year of the Ox

Those moogles are crazy, ya'know? First they almost cause a buffalo stampede for the opening of the Mog House Management Union Buffalo Bonanza Ranch (try saying that three times fast) and only now do they realize that buffalo eat a lot. Sadly, these poor moogles ended up working during all of the holiday festivities just to keep their buffalo happy. That's heartbreaking by anybody's standards.

Yet, while the moogles work, herdsmen have come from the ranch on behalf of the MHMU to bring us buffalo based treats and festivities to the streets of the four main cities of Vana'diel. Plus, if you journey outside of your city's walls, you're bound to run into a few loose buffalo being chased by the MHMU ranchers. Trade them some of your unwanted items, and perhaps they might be so kind to pay you back with free buffs, or new year's gifts!

To make sure we didn't miss anything with this story, I spoke with Masskupoively, our resident news moogle. He provided great insight into what the MHMU was considering with this festive event.

Masskupoively: Kupo! Kuuupo, kupo kupo! Kupoooooooo~!

Truly, words spoken by a news master. Final Fantasy XI adventurers, be sure to check out the New Year's Event in Vana'diel, it's only running until January 12th!
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