MSI's upgraded Wind U100 gets tested and overclocked

While the original Wind U100 has stooped below $350 in many shops, the upgraded version -- complete with a 160GB hard drive and a much needed 6-cell battery -- is currently going for around $420. The PC abusers over at HotHardware managed to get this slab onto their testing bench, and test they did. After applying the recently released v1.09 BIOS, which enables press-of-a-button overclocking, they found that it worked remarkably well. In fact, they noted that this feature alone placed the Wind a step above its rivals for those who appreciate even minor increases in speed. They even went so far as to benchmark the OC'd machine against a standard U100 and a few other competitors, but we won't ruin the surprise by blurting out the results here. Have a gander at the read link for more, but don't blame us if you come away with an unexpected urge to buy a netbook.