Breakfast Topic: The oldest WoW player you know

World of Warcraft seems to pull in players from the very young, to the fairly old. While the younger ones are generally pretty vociferous about themselves, a lot of the older players don't run about advertising it. (Note: I'm not making a judgement call on play-styles. I've met adults who can't spell to save their butt and younger folks who are not only eloquent, but highly-intelligent theorycrafters.) So when we got a mail recently from Pamela who told us she'd be turning 50 later this month, she wondered who the oldest people we knew were. There were a few writers who chimed in....

Robin Torres: I know there are much older, but I'm 44 and the oldest I've come across personally. Age comes up a lot with me in-game because I get annoyed having to answer questions like "Who are the Pixies?" or argue about where "Mahna mahna" first appeared (Sesame Street, not The Muppet Show).

BRK: I have a friend in his early 70s who is a Hunter. He's a Professor Emeritus in astronomy at the University of Florida. He actually came to my WotLK purchasing-party in Orlando.

Adam Holisky: I know an ex-lawyer that teaches law at UCLA. If I recall correctly, he just turned 75. One helluva funny and smart guy.

As for me, I have an awesome 60-year old woman as a guild-mate. She has an extremely generous heart, devotes lots of time to helping the guild with trade-skills or material farming, and is always there when you need an ear. Outside of that, she's even gone so far as to send two enormous tins full of some of the best cookies I've ever tasted to our yearly RL guild party since she couldn't come. (I'm glad to say she'll be there this year!)

Now with all that said, who is the oldest WoW player you know? (Perhaps you are the oldest WoW player you know.) Let's hear from you!