Carl Zeiss pushes 3D with updated Cinemizer "video eyeware"

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.07.09

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Carl Zeiss pushes 3D with updated Cinemizer "video eyeware"
Carl Zeiss pushes 3D in updated Cinemizer Last year Carl Zeiss tantalized us with promises of an eye-level, "cinema quality" display for iPods (and only iPods). The result was a somewhat funky looking set of "video eyeware" that, to put it mildly, didn't quite catch on in the Apple community like the company's tiny lenses have elsewhere. Undaunted, Herr Zeiss is releasing a new version -- cunningly titled the Cinemizer plus -- that offers mostly minor tweaks, like improved cable management and better compatibility with external (higher quality) earbuds. The company is also pushing studios to produce more content that will show off these things' 3D capabilities, but we're guessing there still won't be much of the stuff available when these drop in March for $499.

[Via Pocket lint]
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