Guildwatch: P.S. Pho got banned

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.07.09

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Guildwatch: P.S. Pho got banned

This is such a great idea -- Hearthstone of EU Eonar put together their own guild calendar, made out of desktop-sized photos of themselves in game. There's a lot of creativity there -- this shot, of one of them fishing in armor, is a good one, but it's interesting which settings and gear they all chose to be pictured in. Some went swimsuit, some went seasonal, and of course the Hunter had to show off his Spirit Beast. Very cool.

Lots more guild news (including some much more frustrating drama) right after the jump below -- not so much downed news this week, so if your guild has been working through the endgame lately, be sure to let us know at, and you'll see your news here next week.

  • Evilgai, formerly of Instability on Llane, was running a random PuG run while his guildies were away over Christmas, and when it started looking like he might actually finish the dungeon, his guildies came calling to get in on the loot, even over the PuGged folks who'd been aboard the whole time. When he said he wouldn't let them in just to nab loot from people when they hadn't worked for it, they /gquit, and when the GM returned, he re-invited all of the quitters and /gkicked Evilgai. He says the guild is pretty much done, and we're inclined to agree -- even if they do keep raiding, you're better off without them. Recruit those PuGgers and make a guild of your own.
  • Synergy on Shattered Halls is no more -- their GM left a heartfelt message on the guild's former site. We hear that it's the GM's girlfriend's fault. Her name is Kiwibird (his is Limebird, cute), and we hear the troubles started way back at BlizzCon, when she kicked one of the guild's officers out of their hotel room. Cut up to Northrend and level 80, when Kiwibird and Lime reportedly were passing out loot, and eventually only inviting their favorites to Naxx. Complaints escalated, things got bad, and then the GM decided to post that message and hightail it off to Warhammer. We're told the guild is still around with a new leadership, but our tipster also tells us that Synergy was a great family guild, and says it's too bad that petty squabbling and childish whining brought it down.
  • It's funny enough that someone in this thread was trying to call out Cinge of Hand of Sidrehu for being someone who leaves groups, but what's even better is how the guild's GM responds (he's the one quoting the original response a few posts in). The rest of the guild also shows up, and their indignance (and threats of camping and killing) are great. And the thread takes a final interesting twist on page 2 -- apparently Cinge wasn't the only member of the original group who left in anger.
  • We posted about Forever Frozen last week -- we'd heard that they'd said "need/greed" rolls with a few PuGs until the loot they actually wanted dropped. But a member of the guild got back to us this week and said that it was actually "Guild need over random need," so if a member of the guild won a need roll, they got that loot over a PuG win. They say the original guy was misunderstanding, but while that may be true (and if it is, then obviously it's the guy's choice), that's still a pretty lame policy. Even if they did tell me that one up front, I don't think I would bother going with them.
  • A long-time female member of Mouthful of Justice reportedly quit suddenly after another member mentioned that he had found mysterious hotel tickets in his house. We hear it was later discovered that the girl had been secretly sleeping with the ticket finder's brother in real life. Apparently there are no hard feelings (hopefully everything's been sorted out without violence), but we hear it was pretty amusing for everyone else watching.
  • Unfortunately, you have to pay attention on this one, as most of Stheel's posts are missing from this long thread. But basically it's a recruiting thread for Butterfly Effect... until Stheel shows up badmouthing Kalliber for badmouthing someone else, presumably his alt. Eighteen pages later, t's probably more work than it's worth to figure out just where the drama started, but if you want to do some hunting, it's in there.
  • This ninja thread gets really interesting when the guild of ninjas in question, Tøff i pysjamas, shows up later on to attack their accuser and basically admit that yeah, they did ninja, and who cares? The rest of the server apparently -- the tide turns on the guild, and more than a few people say that they'll be looking out for that guild name in the future, and staying away from it.
  • Hearthstone of EU Eonar made a guild calendar, which you can download right here. Just use each month's background on your desktop. Very cool.
  • Custodes Avalonea of EU Bronzebeard-A celebrated Christmas by clearing the Arachnid Quarter of 10 man Naxxramas. Congrats! The Plague Quarter and Obsidian Sanctum are on notice for next week.
  • Heretique and Epiphanie of Pretty Deadly on Arygos tried to down Onyxia the other day, and made it to about half before they wiped out. But they're excited, we hear, and ready to try and roll some other level 60 content). We're all ears -- if you down some old world raids, let us know.
  • Tanked and Spanked of EU Terenas-A downed normal Sartharion after three nights of waves. They've also been rocking Naxx 10man with a few other guilds, getting all the way through Arachnid and working on the rest. Noth also got one-shotted, and Heigan took two attempts but went down as well. Patchwerk and Loatheb are on notice for next time.
  • Enigma of Deathwing-H has downed Sartharion with three drakes up. Grats! They're aiming for worldwide domination, and we wish them nothing but luck.
  • Legion Unleashed of Runetotem has downed Malygos on heroic difficulty, thus clearing all WotLK content. Congrats! They ask: "We can has Ulduar nao?"
  • Vereor on Kalecgos recently downed Heroic Sartharion with one drake up. Heroic Malygos also got downed so Sarth with no drakes is up next.
  • Lost the Blame Roll on Bloodscalp-H cleared out the Sanctum with no drakes up, and they're headed back to try for one drake up soon. Naxx 10man is 12/15 right now, too. They're also seeking a good healer, pref Resto Shaman so their Spriest can go back to DPSing. They will also take DPS or tanks if they're impressive, though.
  • Rendition on Aman'thul-H cleared Heroic Naxx, downed Heroic Sanctum with one drake, and then took out the Alliance leaders for good measure. They're also recruiting mature applicants to fill out the ranks.
  • Nordic Winter on Arthas-H has one-shotted 10man Obsidian Sanctum, and have cleared the Arachnid and Plague Quarters as well. They are also recruiting, specifically Shadow Priests, Hunters, and Warrior tanks for raiding, though other classes are welcome to apply to the 25-man raiding team.
  • Aspirant of Garona has defeated Kel'Thuzad on 10 man Naxx. Grats!
  • The Frothy Mug Clan on Feathermoon finished off KT last week, and now have killed 10-man Malygos, giving ten of their guildies the "Champion of the Frozen Waste" title. Grats!
  • THAC0, an Alliance guild on Steamwheedle Cartel, has completed their first weekend of raiding in Naxx 10man, and have downed everything in the Spider and Plague Wings, as well as Patchwerk. In other words, yes, they rolled a 20.
  • Frostblood of EU Defias Brotherhood cleared the bosses Anub Rek'han, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna, Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, Loatheb and Patchwerk on their first official guild raid in Naxxramas. Very nice job.
  • Blades of Justice on Alexstrasza-A is making their way off into Naxx and Obsidian Sanctum 10mans. Arachnid is cleared, and Patchwerk has dropped before, but Obsidiam Sanctum is just starting. They're also looking for recruits, specifically Rogues, DPS Warriors, and Shamans, but no more Paladins at all. Please be above level 65, and fill out an application.
  • Sagely Nods on Maelstrom-H is recruiting! They're only a few people, but they're looking to start running the endgame soon. They call themselves "casucore," so if you want to be hardcore without the hassles, check them out.
  • Unrest is a Horde late night guild on Uther, raiding from 10pm to 12am PST. They are looking for experienced ranged DPS and healers for 10 man Naxx runs. 25 man raids are planned for the future. Leadership goes back to EverQuest, so if you're ready to commit to a guild and raiding later (server transfers welcome), they're your guild.
  • Not the face on Aman'thul (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award), was originally part of a casual guild that become a raiding guild, so they split off to stay casual. They are, however, looking to fill out a 25-man team, and have already conquered the 10man content. They're gunning for the top, Arthas himself, so if you want to bring down the Lich King as much as they do, join up. They'd like healers and DPS specifically, but they'll take anyone who's reliable and a quick learner.
  • Provenance of Nagrand is currently clearing Naxx and seeking high quality and dedicated players to join the team. They want a Death Knight (tank), Elemental Shammy, Moonkin and Mages, but all other classes considered as well. Please know your toon and be ready to raid at 8pm Server time on weeknights, as well as be 18+ and have Vent ready to go. Apply on the website.
  • Apotheosis, an Alliance guild on Eldre'Thalas is looking for a Resto Druid, a Resto Shammy, and a Holy Paladin to beef up the healing team for 25 man raiding. Loot rules, guild policies, and the app form can all be found on their website. They'll look at anyone interested in joining, but they are full up on Death Knights right now.
  • Bossa Novas on Vashj is now recruiting mature Brazilian players -- they have a Vent server and bank tabs, and just recently moved to a low pop server to start anew and create a new Brazilian stronghold. If you're one of their countrymen and are looking for a place to grow your character while speaking your own language (they say they're frustrated that the Russians got their own servers, but Blizzard doesn't see their potential), their guild is what you want.
  • Dawn on EU Deathwing is recruiting. They started with Wrath, and have currently cleared all content except the Sartharion three drake achievements. They're trying to keep their 25man raids filled out, so they're looking for folks who are well-geared, know the fights (or can learn them ASAP), and are available three nights a week. They judge the player, not the class, so even if your gear isn't great but you can stay out of a Void Zone, look them up.
  • Remorseless of Staghelm is recruiting! If you're looking for a fun, crude, occasionally vulgarity-laden guild, look no further! They're starting to run Naxx 10 mans, with the intention of eventually doing 25s, are still casual: no level requirements, and they're more than willing to help out new players and low level alts alike.
  • Imaginary Vultures of Eitrigg is a 5 man heroic and 10 man raiding based guild that is seeking friendly players of all specs, classes, and walks of life to fill out the last few raid spots, and eventually work up to 25man content.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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