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Samsung officially introduces 2233RZ, the 22-inch 3D panel for gamers with two eyes

3D gaming with flickery goggles is old-school tech that won't die, and is poised for a big-time comeback this year. Samsung is at the forefront, hoping you'll go all cross-eyed over its upcoming 2233RZ. The $399 panel, shipping in April, measures 22-inches and sports a healthy 1680 x 1050 resolution, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 300 nits brightness, and a 120Hz refresh rate. If that sounds familiar it should, as those specs all match the earlier 2233Hz, with the obvious difference being that you can split those cycles across two eyes -- 60-per -- for some immersive 3D action. Yes, goggles are required, but they'll be included, as will be compatibility with the new GeForce 3D Vision cards.

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