CES 2009: ezGear showcases 'most advanced music game controller'

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|01.09.09

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CES 2009: ezGear showcases 'most advanced music game controller'
Even though it has been thoroughly thrashed with the ugly stick, ezGear's "You Rock Guitar" is actually a nifty bit of kit. Labeled "the world's most advanced video game and music controller" by its maker, the guitar is compatible with all current music games on the Wii, and swaps out the traditional strum bar and colored fretboard buttons for real strings and a multi-touch pad respectively (despite how it looks, there are no strings on the fretboard).

There's a bunch of non-Wii functionality in the You Rock. It can hook up to your PC or Mac (where it works with programs such as Garage Band, Sonar, and Finale), and can additonally link to your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player, allowing you to "jam along" with your favorite Showaddywaddy tracks (yes, we know). You can even connect it to a guitar amp or mixer!

Alas, the peripheral's many functions mean it will launch in Q2 or Q3 with a price tag of $149.99. If you think you could get some use out of this besides playing on the Wii, that might make this worth it. While you wait, make the jump for the cheesiest trailer we've seen in forever.


"It's like freaking magic, and the price will send shivers up your Xbox."

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