Dell introduces XPS 625 gaming rig

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Donald Melanson
January 8, 2009 5:37 PM
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Dell introduces XPS 625 gaming rig

Dell has been pretty laptop-heavy at CES so far, but it looks to be balancing things out a bit today, with it introducing its new gamer-minded XPS 625 desktop. This one is AMD through and through, and includes your choice of AMD Phenom or Phenom II Black Edition processors, ATI Radeon HD4670 or HD4850 graphics cards (in single or CrossFireX configurations), and some other suitably high-end specs all around, including up 8GB of RAM, a whole host of hard drive options and, of course, an AlienFX custom lighting system to remind you just why you bought it. Best of all, prices start at a reasonable $999 for a decently-equipped system, and you can get your order in right now.
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