Palm Pre first hands-on with live updates!

This is it! Our first go-round with Palm's newest entry to the smartphone field -- the pre. Watch this page for updates on our first impressions, a live stream of photos after the break, and observations on the company's rebirth into the marketplace.

1:19PM - First photos are up. They're running us through a demo of the phone, so we haven't gotten to touch it just yet -- the tension is killing!

1:38PM - They let us play with it a bit -- while they held the other end, of course. The keyboard is Centro-esque, with shallow presses and cramped spacing. The actual keys are rubbery and easy enough to find with the fingernails of our massive man hands, other folks might have better luck using the pads of their fingers. The touchscreen isn't quite as responsive as the iPhone or G1 -- or it could be the OS, there seems to be a tiny lag between a tap and an action -- but it's still pretty great. We spent mere seconds toying with the OS, but all the actions seem ultra-intuitive.

Update: You can watch some video after the break!