Unified UI previews the future of Samsung hardware

If Samsung devices are your preferred flavor, get very familiar with the interface pictured above. Eased in amongst product announcements during today's CES keynote is the news that all their devices -- camcorders, HDTVs, digital cameras, PMPs and all -- will be sharing this style going forward. Seeming to follow the example set by Sony's XMB, and hopefully adding momentum to a trend others will continue, the idea is that users pick it up on one device, and can carry that experience to future purchases without a sharp learning curve. As much as we enjoy figuring out where the contrast setting is for the 20th time, early adopters have more than enough options to memorize. Of course, unified doesn't mean static, and this interface should be plenty customizable. Word is that consumers' first look at the new UI is via Samsung's new digital camera lineup, but other details are few and far between.