Live from Samsung's CES press event

We're here, live, at Samsung's always hot CES 2009 press event. The house is packed with a line running at least a hundred deep.

2:48PM And that's all, folks!

2:43PM Yup, Q&A time.

2:42PM That was a lot of product in a Very short time. Sounds like we're wrapping up.

2:41PM Palm Theater P3 out now -- something we've seen for quite awhile now. Widgets, haptics, seen it.

2:40PM Covering new 64GB SSD Camcorder HMX-H106 that shoots Full HD (1920 x 1080). "As leader in flash memory we are in a position to lead in capacity in HD camcorders." HDMI connection, too, for instant connectivity. HZ10W (that was leaked) out now: 24-mm wide-angle lens and 720p (H.264) video.

2:37PM HD-BD8200 features a wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth for connectivity to your Cellphone or Bluetooth enabled DAP.

2:37PM The HT-BD8200 is the world's first home theater Blu-ray soundbar. BD Live 2.0, wall mountable, and installable in "under 10 minutes."

2:36PM 3D monitor 2233RZ is 22-inches with new googles for viewing. BDP-4600 flagship Blu-ray player with BD live, Full HD video and "latest HD soundtrack encoding and ejects a disk in a single second." It's WiFi ready (a first!), 2x USB, 1GB of internal storage. It's the world's slimmest Blu-ray player at 1.5-inches. It's so thin that it's wall mountable.

2:34PM Time for middling TVs now, LCD 750, plasma PDP 850 only 1-inch thick. All the TVs are being rolled on to stage right now by husky male dancer types.

2:32PM LED 800 brings a 240Hz refresh with "chrome look and feel" in addition to all the best of the other Luxia TVs.

2:31PM Digging into Luxia brand now -- 6000, 7000, and 8000 LED TVs. LED 6000 just over an inch thick and builtin ATSC tuner. Green: 40% less power than conventional flatscreen TVs -- also mercury and lead free. 7000 features media@2.0 services, 4x HDMI, and Wireless DLNA features. Pushing Yahoo! Internet@TV again. Also brings a new ultra-slim wall mount solution that reduces the gap between the TV and wall from 2-inches to 0.6-inches. "A TV that now hangs like a picture." Hot.

2:26PM Done with the past -- on with the future, "2009 strategic products" slide up on the display. "We know that you as journalists are very hungry to learn about future products now." Crowd scoffs contempt.

2:24PM Video of consumers talking about their needs rolling now. Here's a tip Samsung, let's try something other than piano black finish on your designs, hmm?

2:23PM Environment: "Samsung is working to meet consumers' expectation." Proving it with statistics about eco-friendly, low power consumption of new white and brown goods and recycling program. Can you feel the love?

2:20PM Showing off magic touch shot on camcorders -- a touch on the camcorder display will focus on the object you touch and snap the photo. Showing new P3 audio player with interactive UI.

2:19PM Samsung Luxia LED TV. 40 to 55-inch models, LED 6000, 7000, and 8000 models with new unified UI for consistent menu format across various Samsung products (showing camcorder, PMP, TV, home theater system, and digital camera. Nice!

2:17PM New "Touch of Color TV" being presented. LCD, graceful neck, eco-friendly, red trim, "design that performs." Content is very soft so far, low on specifics.

2:15PM Samsung pushing DLNA connectivity and full HD wireless without degradation of picture quality as member of Wireless HD, WiFi, WHDI, and USB forums. Mobile WiMax now. Pushing Xohm now -- hey Samsung, that's not the name anymore. Product please.

2:14PM Showing MySpeace, Flickr, Yahoo News, Video and more widgets. Looks slick.

2:11PM Yahoo! Widget Engine is being deployed today on Samsung devices and is built upon Konfabulator. Demo starting.

2:11PM Ok, enough with the vision, on comes Patrick Barry, VP Connected TV of Yahoo. "Yahoo! Cinematic Internet promises users choice, personalization, and openness that is very easy to interact with with your remote control. TV widgets are compact apps that allow you interact with your favorite websites on your TV."

2:08PM Discussing triple and quadruple play strategy for the integrated home.

2:07PM "Why is Samsung better than others? We have a broad product portfolio from semiconductors to media devices. We are integrated and we are worldwide leader in marketshare for three consecutive years."

2:05PM Discussing consumer challenges. "Samsung wants its users to experience a seamless experience." This is the slickest presentation we've seen yet.

2:04PM Jong Woo Park is on stage. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen."

2:03PM "We listed to your feedback from the last year and you said the room is too small." Now it's still too small" (chuckle from the press, this place is stuffed).

2:02PM Oh man, another loop of this track and we're going to start punching babies.

2:01PM Video is looping showing all of Samsung's variation: TV's, monitors, Blu-ray players, cellphones, DAPs, laptops, PCs, etc. making them the world's largest consumer electronics company.

1:55PM Most of the press is still outside but we managed to file in early. Music is jumpin' and the Samsung marketing video rolling.

1:50PM Ten minutes to go... so much blue.