Agile Web Solutions at Macworld 2009

Brett Terpstra
B. Terpstra|01.09.09

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Agile Web Solutions at Macworld 2009

It's always a pleasure to see the guys from Agile Web Solutions. I spoke to them about three upcoming features for 1Password, their secure, password-collecting, form-filling application. I won't go into a lot of detail on 1Password, we've mentioned it a few times before.

First, we talked a little about the new Agile Keychain format; being a package format, it opens up quite a few possibilities, including the (upcoming) ability to add encrypted notes in rich text format, complete with links and attachments. We also talked about what happened to my1Password, the web-based version of 1Password: it's evolving into a portable version which can be carried around on a USB stick or accessed through something like Lastly, they're incorporating fingerprint scanning (0Password?), which will work with both wired and portable USB versions of the fingerprint scanner.

Thanks to Dave and Roustem for their time! Note that I made it through this post without making a single reference to your Canadian colloquialisms, eh? Also note that it's Roustem on the left and Dave on the right at the beginning of the clip, even though I introduced them the other way around.

Read on for the video.

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