Macworld 2009: Xsilva Lightspeed

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Macworld 2009: Xsilva Lightspeed
With the Mac platform reaching 10% market share, there's a lot of interest in more vertical applications. For owners of retail businesses, point-of-sale systems are one area where the Mac is making impressive inroads. While there have been other Mac-based point-of-sale systems, the most impressive is Xsilva's Lightspeed.

Lightspeed is a powerful POS system with a beautiful interface, compatibility with a plethora of devices (cash drawers, touch screens, receipt printers, card authorization units, etc...), and ties to other Mac heavyweights such as Marketcircle Daylite and QuickBooks.

I spoke with Xsilva founder, CEO, and vice-president Dax Dasilva on January 7th about the product, and we have some video for you showing some of the features of both Lightspeed and its companion Web Store application. The video is after the break!

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