SOE expects the PS3 to be half their business

Alexis Kassan
A. Kassan|01.11.09

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SOE expects the PS3 to be half their business
The ways we play are changing and Sony Online Entertainment wants to be a driver of that change. They will be releasing the Free Realms and DC Universe Online titles to PC and PlayStation 3 with expectations of additional MMOGs going to console in the years ahead. Now SOE President John Smedley states in an interview that they expect PS3 to be about half of their business.

It's a bold statement considering the PS3 has been trailing several other systems in usage including its own predecessor. But with Blu-Ray crowned champion of the high-def disc war, an expanding game title selection for the console, online integration and PS Home, the PS3 has a lot to offer gamers. The question that remains in this blogger's mind is, will MMO gamers make the leap to console?
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