Telstra exec: new Android-based HTC phone 'better' than Pre

With Mobile World Congress a little over month away -- and Android essentially a no-show at CES -- suspense is building over what sort of action we'll see out of the Google camp at the show. Australia's Smarthouse cites a particularly cocky Telstra exec saying that he's got an upcoming HTC set that's "better and more functional" than the Pre -- and seeing how he enjoyed a Palm briefing this week, he'd have a pretty good idea. Rumor has it this Pre killer will run a version of Android with HTC tweaks and will have a huge display, which seems like a good combo if you're trying to impress a jaded smartphone buyer these days. The mystery device is expected in the second quarter of the year, which gets back to our hope that we'll see some Android heat at MWC next month; don't get us wrong, the G1 is great and all, but we're ready for some more.