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Blockbuster's MediaPoint player reviewed: unsurprisingly disappointing

C'mon -- you could tell from the product description that the 2Wire-built BlockBuster MediaPoint player would be a disappointment, now couldn't you? A full month and change after getting unboxed, the latest entrant in the surprisingly meaty movie set-top-box arena has been reviewed by the AP. You know things are headed south when the reviewer starts off by stating that "three similar devices he tested over the past two years were all better than the MediaPoint." In fact, he straight up called BlockBuster out for not being at least as good as units that came out years ago. What could possibly be so wrong, you ask? You can't fast-forward or reverse content until a download is complete. The on-screen interface is downright "unattractive," and it even looks blurry on HDTVs. The remote is said to be "cluttered with cryptic buttons." Oh, and the critic couldn't even figure out what content was in HD and what was in SD. We'd elaborate further, but there's really no need.