Palm Pre to use Centro-sized battery (Updated)

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|01.16.09

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For all those commenters in our recent Palm Pre feature wondering just exactly what kind of battery we could expect to see in the device, wonder no more. According to Dieter Bohn over at the newly christened PreCentral, the phone will use the exact same battery as the Treo 800w and the Centro -- a 1150mAh model. Apparently Palm reps were happy to snap the back off the device and show the source of its juice off. That same size battery is used in the G1 as well, and Dieter notes that there's an aftermarket 1350mAh version which could offer more power. Certainly such a small battery -- a size which we know leaves a lot to be desired in a next-gen phone like the G1 -- isn't music to our ears, but since we don't know how the Pre handles power consumption, there's still plenty of questions to be answered. And hey, you could keep a spare around, right?

Update: Jenn at Pocketables tells us that the battery is 1200mAh as told to her by a Palm rep at CES.

Update 2: We've just gotten word from Palm that this actually isn't set in stone yet. In their words: "We're still doing some final development and testing various user scenarios as part of carrier certification."

[Via Palm Infocenter]
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