WowWee's Lightstar flying blade reviewed: a cheap thrill

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.18.09

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Looking for something to pass the time, scratch that robotic itch and come in at under a Jackson? Look no further than WowWee's Lightstar, the latest and greatest addition to the outfit's growing FlyTech family. The robot lovers over at RobotsRule were able to get their grimy hands around this here flying blade, and while they weren't expecting much for just $20, they came away delightfully enthralled. Essentially, there's no way to steer the chopper, but you can vary the acceleration and bounce it off of walls in order to keep your brain stimulated and a grin on your face. The real excitement kicked in when all the lights were flipped off and the Pink Floyd was cranked to 11. For a look at what we mean, check out the demonstration vid just past the break -- looks like $20 well spent from here.

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