The Queue: Who cares about 3.0.8, where's 3.1?

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The title above is only half-joking. Patch 3.0.8 didn't supply any real content which is what we're all waiting for, but at this point rolling out patch 3.1 too quickly would be a disaster. I think game quality is worse now than it was before 3.0.8, so I'd much rather see things working smoothly again before they throw patch 3.1 at us. Of course, I'm also pretty bored with Wrath already, so...

Zoidberg asked...

So, what do we know about 3.1? What do we know about dual spec? Anything about Ulduar? Anything about DK nerfs? Warlock buffs? Will I get any Silver Covenant rep?

We know very, very little about patch 3.1, but what we do know...

  • It will contain the new raid zone Ulduar. Will there be a new 5 man? We don't know, but I personally find it unlikely. We tend to not get those until the current 5-man content has really played itself out, like the timing of Magisters' Terrace.

  • Mounts will be able to swim

  • Patch 3.1 was the estimate given for Dual Specs at BlizzCon, but since then they've been very careful about not giving an exact patch number for that. We'll probably see it, but if it's not working right then we might not.

  • Hunter DPS will be getting an overhaul, and we can assume many other classes will see a lot of rebalancing here as well, but we don't know the details.

mane asked...

So now that 3.0.8 is out, when is the content patch being released?

When it's ready. (Alternate answer: Soon.)

Mark asked...

Raiding newbie question. Now that I am decently geared enough that I am starting to get invited into guild and pug heroics, I find myself having trouble remembering which ones I have already done this week. is there an addon or method of tracking which ones you have/have not done since the last reset?

There's a couple of really easy ways to see this. The first is to just type /raidinfo which will bring up the UI panel that shows all of the raids and dungeons you're locked into. The other way is bringing up the built-in calendar, and it has the reset time/date listed for everything you're locked into on display.

ElijahBaley asked...

What happened to the Naxx doodad door?

It was overpowered and thus needed to be nerfed. /sadface

DarkMoloko asked...

Does anyone know if Blizz has ever looked into external WoW mail? Like a website I could go to from anywhere(coughworkcough) to check and see if I won/sold anything on the auction house?

I don't know that this is anything that was ever considered, but that's one of the things that everyone thought was a pretty cool idea when Blizzard started looking into development for mobile phones. I don't think Blizzard has ever even talked about those kinds of features specifically, but I wanted to pull this question out just to say that I think it would be neat. I'd also love to be able to read guild chat on an iPhone or whatever.


Is the change to old instances part of 3.0.8? In reference to this post. just wondering, as our guild likes to run MC, but don't have enough quintessences to go around usually. I've been scouring the patch notes, and can't find anything at this time.

That should have gone in for patch 3.0.8, yes. I'm unfortunately not in a position to check right now, but I do know that yesterday I saw that the urn to summon Nightbane had been turned into a grey item, and an urn on his balcony has replaced it. Meaning that you don't need to do the full questline to get the item to summon him, you just go to the balcony and the urn is waiting for you. If that went in, I assume that all similar things went in as well. If that's not the case, hopefully our readers will correct me on it!

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