reveals Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage achievements

Sponsored Links reveals Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage achievements

In five short days the first of three downloadable content expansions will release for Fallout 3, exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PC. In preparation, has updated the Fallout 3 profile with four new achievements obtainable in the content expansion, Operation Anchorage. Totaling 100 GS points, three of the four achievements appear to be directly tied to specific missions found in the promised "4-5 hour" DLC pack, while the final achievement is awarded for completing the entire Alaskan adventure. The four achievements and creative descriptions added to the Fallout 3 profile are:
  • Aiding the Outcasts (20GP) - Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"
  • The Guns of Anchorage (20GP) - Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"
  • Paving the Way (20GP) - Completed "Paving the Way"
  • Operation: Anchorage (40GP) - Completed "Operation: Anchorage"
Operation Anchorage releases on January 27 and is priced at 800.

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